Embarking on a Digital Transformation journey presents a real challenge for any organisation. We partner with you to determine your strategy, build the right culture and teams and ensure you achieve your digital ambitions.

Embarking on a digital transformation journey is not simply something you can run from a set playbook. Instead, proven processes must be tailored as every organisation has unique challenges, resources and objectives.

Etica provides access to proven digital transformation leaders who take the time to understand your business and your drivers. We then work with you to build your business case for transformation, identify resource gaps and help implement an agile culture that can deliver at velocity. The Etica approach is unique and comes with real-world delivery experience that can provide you with a:

  • Bespoke Solution that provides a customisable framework to improve your customer experience, allowing for delivery efficiency and faster decision-making.
  • Delivery Model that provides customised recommendations that specifically address and focus on the first steps of your transformation journey.
  • Flexible costing and advisory models to suit your current status in the project delivery lifecycle.

With a trusted advisor mindset, we provide peace of mind for our clients by addressing their priorities and basing our recommendations on those. This is the first step towards a successful transformation journey.

Bespoke framework to allow quick scale and delivery of business outcomes

Access to Agile certified professionals to help your team adopt to new ways of working

Real-world, client-side demonstrable delivery experience at a global level

How Digital Strategy and Advisory helps you

Realise benefits sooner

Through the creation of a prioritised roadmap, you start delivering real benefits sooner, improving customer loyalty and your bottom line.

Staff Retention

By creating high-performing and empowered teams, staff morale is dramatically improved, reducing turnover.

Delivery Velocity

Building a nimble, delivery-focused culture ensures that you deliver improvements faster and realise benefits sooner.

Roadmap and strategy

With a clearly defined strategy and supporting roadmap, you can ensure the entire program is focused on what's important.

Executive support

A well structured business case and early results ensures executive support for your wider transformation.

Trusted Advisor Approach

Peace of mind as you'll only get recommendations based on your company priorities, with ongoing guidance.

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