Etica Digital helps organisations adopt agile practices and methods to ensure their teams are more effective, respond faster to business challenges and deliver more quickly, with better outcomes.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital economy, the speed at which you can respond to customer needs can make or break your business.

Delivering value at velocity is a critical competitive advantage, with nimble organisations often capturing customer attention before competitors have even recognised the need.

Traditional corporate structures, processes and cultures are constrained by hierarchy and struggle to deliver the agility and speed required today. Although Agile methods offset these challenges, it requires sponsorship, cultural change, and new ways of working to be truly successful.

Whereas other consultancies will train your staff in Agile methods, our Agile-at-scale coaching goes far deeper, with onsite mentoring and review cycles augmenting tailored training to ensure your organisation’s digital-ready culture.

Our Agile coaches embed in your teams to ease transition

We tailor our framework to suit your organisation's requirements

We review critical metrics to provide continual support exactly where it’s needed

Our certified coaches bring real world know how

New staff are inducted into your Agile framework before commencing

How Scaled Agile helps your organisation

Build Internal Capability

We provide the training, mentoring and support until your teams can function independently.

Certified Expertise

All our specialists are experts in Lean and Agile methods, values, and practices. We ensure best practice becomes your new normal.

Faster to Market

Our tools and techniques shorten planning, funding and decision processes, allowing you to respond quickly to changing customer needs.

Engagement & Retention

Our approach empowers staff at all levels and builds a culture of trust and responsibility. As a result, innovation is encouraged and fostered.

Improved Customer Experience

Our approach breaks down siloed models and instead focuses on customer outcomes. We ensure synergy by building shared goals and a common language across the organisation.

Knowledge Sharing

Our coaching brings together Agile implementors across business units to share and learn from each other. As a result, we help build a culture of collective benefit.

Implementing Scaled Agile

We take the time to understand your business vision and objectives and tailor our coaching program to meet your immediate and long-term goals.


We review your current Agile practices and maturity across technical and operational business units to understand your organisation's agility.

We tailor workshops on our proposed way of working, gaining acceptance from all staff, including executives and technical teams.

Design + Implement

Our SAFe Agile certified coaches will guide you through a tailored implementation roadmap backed by training.

Our training includes tailored SAFe modules for:

  • Leadership
  • Business Teams
  • Development Teams
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Architects
  • Portfolio Management


Our SAFe coaches support your team members and leaders during both the transition phase and into the improvement phase.

We review metrics across the organisation to determine not only where support is needed, but what help will work best in a given situation.

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