For organisations to succeed in the digital economy, they need to do more than shift existing paradigms online. Instead, successful organisations create a vision for their future that blends people, technology, and culture.

Digital Transformation is not a new concept, yet only 30% of companies have successfully managed to roll out customer-centric transformation.

With many moving parts, demands for quick wins, and a focus on the bottom line, it is easy to lose sight of what is essential.

Our Digital Transformation program provides processes and clarity to help business leaders navigate these challenges. Our focus is on building transformation programs that are incremental, cost-effective, and sustainable. We start by ensuring that the necessary fundamentals are delivered, including:

  • Creating a clear vision and strategy
  • Building leadership commitment
  • Identifying key people and processes
  • Introducing an Agile mindset and governance
  • Establish effective program measures
  • Adoption of enterprise technology and data platforms

The above list is by no means exhaustive, with every organisation having their own unique requirements; however, the above steps are standard, essential pieces in the transformation roadmap.

Our consultants step you through proven processes and techniques to start delivering on your brand promise whilst maintaining staff, sponsor and customer support.

We bring a human-centred design approach to everything we do

Our process gets your program up to speed quickly, ensuring executive support

Our consulting and recruitment services help close short-term gaps when setting up your transformation

Proven experience from start-ups to enterprise across a variety of industries

Leverage our global expertise to build better digital teams

How our Digital Transformation services help your organisation

Omni-channel customer view

Leveraging digital platforms and connecting siloed data sets allows you to build an accurate view of your customer and predict their moves and motivations. An effective transformation will ensure this data is securely shared across the organisation, generating wins and securing further program support.

Manage talent and build digital skills

Digital transformation does not replace human capabilities but does require different skill sets. We help you develop your digital talent plans and help strike a balance between developing existing people, outsourcing and new hiring. We provide talent search and consulting to fill initial gaps, then work with you to build internal capability.

Utilising Agile ways of working

Agile enables your organisation to respond to change quickly and at scale. We help embed the behaviours, culture and processes required to foster collaboration, continual improvement and organisational curiosity. We support this with aligned governance and team structures to create cross-functional teams focused on delivering on customer needs.

Manage technology transformation

Ensuring data and digital platforms are adopted company-wide is crucial to your transformation’s success. More than product selection, the technology must be usable, secure, supportable, and future-proof. In addition, we help navigate this process and advise on new technologies as they arrive.

Value adding governance

Light-weight governance that allows for faster decision-making is key to delivering transformation at the required velocity. We help develop a weekly cadence for crucial decisions and empower delivery teams for tactical ones. In addition, we show how to bring business and technology onto the same page, with shared goals and measures to enhance cross-functional teams.

Implement Outcomes

We partner with you to identify high-impact use cases, then prioritise and help implement them. This process allows you to quickly add value, build program support and secure further investment. Our approach entails prototyping the use case, incubating it to an MVP stage, and then scaling and deploying the solution. This model allows for small, incremental wins but at a high velocity.

Our Transformation Model

Though every digital transformation is as unique as the business conducting it, our proven model ensures you start off on the right foot, and generate critical wins earlier.

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