In a competitive labour market, sourcing a suitable candidate requires more than placing a job advert.

You must look at multiple dimensions, including your employer brand, recruitment tools and hiring processes. At Etica Digital, we have partnered with many organisations as an RPO partner and have found our clients benefit from the improvements listed below:

Flexibility and Scale

An RPO Partner offers a range of services and expertise, and you can tailor this into an RPO solution that works for your organisation. At Etica Digital, for example, we customise our candidate outreach services to be delivered in multiple countries with recruitment specialists, giving you a vastly greater reach to identify the best candidates available.

In addition, an RPO partner allows your existing team to focus on growing your business without losing focus on creating the EVP, candidate engagement, assessment, and onboarding. As specialised service providers, your RPO partner focuses solely on recruitment matters, bringing specialist learnings and experience to your organisation.

The Right Tools

Your RPO partner brings specialised toolsets and an economy of scale to your recruitment efforts. Their tools offer targeted, and richer candidate search and sourcing, and their knowledge of the market and trends ensure you get the best candidates for your budget. An effective RPO partner like Etica Digital can group jobs, automate searches and recruit in geographies that you can not efficiently.

In addition, an RPO’s advertising and analytics tools mean that the advertising and promotion of your brand they do are specifically focused on each role and what the candidates are looking for. Their insights and reviews pinpoint what the right candidates are interested in, be that training, flexible working conditions or career progression, and tailor messaging around this.

Provide the data you need to make strategic decisions

An RPO partner provides you with market data that is important when making strategic expansion decisions. For example, is it better to build a digital development centre in the Philippines or India, or where to build a call centre based on your customer’s needs and time zones? In addition, If recruiting for particular skill sets, your RPO partner has the data to advise on how long it will take in various markets to find the right candidates.

This data not only helps HR make cost-effective and efficient hires but also helps senior leadership make strategic decisions that help expand your business.

Help with messaging and timing

One of the first items we tackle is to ensure your employer branding and employee value proposition are competitive compared to your peers. The best candidates are now looking for far more than just a salary, so we make sure that you are positioned as an employer of choice.

Once your organisation’s branding and employment offers are established, we look at the key roles you are hiring for and take the time to understand what their drivers are. Once we know this information, we tailor your brand message so that you are attractive to the candidates you wish to target. We review this over time to ensure you are meeting the needs of candidates, which the recent pandemic shows can change dramatically over time.

This approach differs significantly from traditional in-house recruitment, often reactive to negative feedback such as poor Glassdoor reviews or frequent resignations. Instead, an RPO partner keeps you ahead of the game.

Develop the right mix of skills in your team

Skill-based planning is an essential item in any long-term strategy. We take the time to determine what skills are critical to your business and how you expect this to change over time. We then work with you to build out a resourcing framework that may include a mix of full-time, contract and consulting resources so that you can meet your immediate needs without losing operational flexibility or overspending on recruitment. Every organisation is different, so we take the time in this initial stage to understand your business, drivers, and the overall market.

Provide intelligence and share knowledge

Our RPO experts understand the markets they operate in and bring a wealth of demographic data to help you. For example, If you are looking for DevOps engineers, we can tell you how many are in the Philippines as opposed to Australia, what their job turnover time is and what the key drivers for role change are. This is in addition to rudimentary data such as salary ranges.

We benchmark roles across geographies and provide recommendations based on your goals and business drivers and freely share this information during planning sessions. This valuable data can help avoid costly hiring decisions and pre-empt recruitment issues before they impact your market.


Undertaking an RPO solution with Etica Digital provides your organisation with a scalable sourcing strategy that keeps you ahead of the game and lowers overall recruitment costs. To find out how we can support your needs, contact us today.

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