Your team out in the field have no time to be fumbling with paperwork or submitting lengthy forms. Manual paperwork is tedious, error-prone and slow. In a world where companies like Amazon and Apple have raised the bar on customer experience, your customers demand better.

Although many organisations have invested heavily in cloud, cybersecurity and networks, many have neglected to update their data collection mechanisms, despite the impact that slow, error-prone methods have on customer experience.

Upgrading to modern digital forms allows you to streamline workflows, reduce errors, and sign documents digitally, all using devices you already have.

The benefits of digitising your field operations
There are many benefits to applying digitisation to your field service team. From service tickets through to signing contracts, digital forms can help with:

Stop error-prone paperwork.

Paperwork is only as good as the person completing it. Digitised forms standardise your brand experience, streamline the process, and calculate values, reducing the number of fields that need completion. In addition, field checking ensures that data is correct at the time of entry.

Make fieldwork easier.

Your field service team face challenges the office environment does not, such as internet connection dropouts. Modern digital form solutions store data on the device, ready to upload once you’re back in range of cellular or Wi-Fi connections.

Streamline your team’s processes.

Custom digital documents such as checklists and data collection forms make life easier for your entire team, as they use the same templated approach every time.

Improve your customer’s experience

Easy to use forms with error checking and linked to automated workflows creates a better customer experience. Clients get fast responses, can quickly get copies of documents and share documents easily with their team. Users can also sign documents electronically or via sign-on glass.

Work anywhere

Coming into the office adds time and reduces productivity, so why not empower your field staff to do their work in the field. By providing staff access to digital forms and automation, you save time and money and remove errors whilst improving the customer experience.