Engaging with a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner brings many benefits to your organisation. Below, we have listed the top benefits you can leverage from a talent recruitment partner, even if you finish your engagement.

Best-in-class candidate experience becomes standard.

In today’s connected world, candidates and employees easily share recruitment experiences, both good and bad. Via LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and word-of-mouth, they will impact your brand quickly and easily.

A good RPO partner works with you to improve your branding and create a smooth candidate experience with better communication, feedback, and shorter turn-around times. A great RPO partner will also survey candidates and use their feedback to make changes and improvements to your everyday recruitment operations. As a result, they leave your recruitment processes and branding in great shape and leave you with the mechanisms to ensure continual improvement.

Your future business goals are factored in.

A strong RPO partner takes the time to understand your business’s short and long-term goals and then create a strategic workforce plan to help you achieve them. They will identify the critical roles for growth, the best markets to recruit in and build out a talent pipeline. This pipeline will give you access to more engaged quality applicants, which will help meet organisational goals. Although the plan will need to be tweaked as conditions or objectives change, the underlying uplift will stay with your organisation.

Diversity and Inclusion are part of the RPO process.

Diversity is more than a buzzword these days; it should be a competitive advantage as diverse workplaces are more innovative and productive. Every organisation will be at a different diversity maturity. A good RPO partner will work with you to determine metrics and methods to help you. Your RPO partner should ensure you have diverse interview panels, work with your staff to reduce cognitive biases, and recommend training and best practices. These changes set you up for success long into the future.

Metric reporting becomes standard practice.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Your RPO partner will collate market, demographic and applicant data to give you a unique overview of current and future performance. Once these systems are in place, your internal recruiters can easily maintain them, giving you valuable insights into the future.

Improved Company Branding.

Research from Glassdoor shows that 75% of job seekers will likely apply for a role if the employer manages strong employer branding. An RPO partner will help you understand the benefits of honest branding, empowering your existing staff to have a voice and creating a feedback receptive brand. These branding improvements make your company appear authentic and can lower your turnover costs by over 25%.

Get access to a broader range of talent.

The simple truth is that a good RPO partner has a broader network than you. They use better tools and outreach programs and are better at screening talent. This isn’t an inditement on your organisation, but rather the simple truth that your RPO partner specialises in. This combination means they can notify and screen a more significant number of candidates and show you which channels are best for niche roles. Your in-house talent staff can utilise this knowledge to improve their recruitment activities.

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