Working with offshore teams has become commonplace today due to the benefits of lower personnel costs, reduced training needs and reduced time to initiate large-scale projects. However, many common pitfalls can impact organisations unfamiliar with the cultural, legal, and operating differences these markets have. This is where ManagedOps can be the better solution.

A specialist digital partner can remove these issues and ensure your projects remain on track. This blog outlines some of the benefits that an offshore digital partner can provide.

What is offshoring?

Offshoring is when an organisation sends in-house to contractors located in another country, with the organisation retaining ownership of their business operation. These services have been used extensively within the ICT sector due to a skill shortage in developed markets and a push by leading tech giants to drive down labour costs.

Within Australia, direct outsourcing by firms accounts for around 10% of typical IT operations. However, many organisations do not realise that their Tier 1 consulting companies are outsourcing also, so the actual percentage is likely far higher. Moreover, given the strong labour mark for critical skills such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and Front-end development, these numbers are expected to rise further.

What is ManagedOps?

Simply put, ManagedOps is the next evolution of offshoring, devised to answer many of the issues that organisations face with offshoring. With ManagedOps, you have project and account resources onshore to coordinate your project startup and ensure it remains on track. In addition, the infrastructure, facilities and operational functions you would normally have to manage, are coordinated by your digital partner on your behalf. You simply select the consultants you want, and start delivering on your workload.

Why partner with a ManagedOps digital partner?

  • Avoid bidding for in-demand skills.
    In recent times, there has been a significant skills shortage in select areas of IT due to the demand for leading platforms expertise and the increase of online commerce. However, finding these specialists is difficult for companies that do not have dedicated recruitment, and keeping them is almost impossible. In addition, the demand for these resources is sending the market rates sky-high.With an offshore partner, you can circumvent this by having a digital partner that knows the market, has dedicated recruitment and operates in countries where the market rates are far more competitive.
  • Focus on your core activities
    With limited resources, smaller companies struggle to build and maintain online platforms while still working on core business activities. Partnering with a provider of offshore technology services frees your team to focus on core activities such as planning, managing, and implementing business goals. In addition, the offshore provider takes care of the development teams, infrastructure support and project governance.
  • Capital expense savings
    An offshore partner generates significant savings. For example, moving your Salesforce development work from Australia to the Philippines could generate as much as 75% cost savings on development. Traditionally increased project costs and quality assurance tempered these benefits; however, specialists like Etica have removed these pain points.By freeing up capital, your company can either invest funds elsewhere or expand its digital transformation to provide benefits that would be unaffordable onshore.
  • Chasing the sun
    By shifting work offshore, you extend the workday by moving work tasks to timezones that are still working when you are not. Companies that specialise in offshoring typically have operations in multiple timezones, allowing work to continue around the clock, an essential option for support tasks or when attempting to meet tight deadlines. For example, using blended onshore/offshore development, you could review code, assign new features, and return the next day to see them completed, providing massive time savings.


Engaging offshore teams is easier than ever; however, a specialist digital partner like Etica takes care of the difficulties and removes the pain points. They take project coordination, managing work environments, building a team and providing infrastructure off your hands, giving you certainty for your digital projects. To better understand the specific benefits to your organisation, talk to us today.